Carbon fiber powder
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Product Description
  • Carbon fiber powder, based on polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber as raw material, through special surface treatment technology, mechanical grinding, sieving, drying, it has a stability, electrical conductivity, self-lubricating, unrivaled enhance sexual, with resin, plastic, metal, rubber, composite materials, in order to increase the strength and wear resistance, has been widely used in nickel-hydrogen and nickel-cadmium battery anode material electrically conductive additives, electronic chips, conductive floor, electrical machinery, anti-static industry (paint, flooring, paint, ink), anti-static filter, defense industry, building insulation, chemical and food coarse filter, motorcycle muffler, paint drying room air filters, PTFE and other fields.

    Carbon fiber powder Main technical indicators:
    Carbon fiber powder Density :1.65-1 .75g/cm3
    Carbon fiber powder carbon content:> 96%

    Carbon fiber powder aspect ratio :2:1-8: 1
    Carbon fiber powder degree :60-1000 mesh
    Carbon fiber powder Note: Our factory can also be customized according to customer requirements in Japan, U.S., Taiwan, mainland China carbon fiber powder.

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