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Introduction to fiber cutting machines and fiber cutting machines

1、 Fiber cutting machine, fiber cutting machine Purpose:

The disc type fiber cutting machine is a specialized equipment for cutting synthetic fiber filaments into various lengths of ultra short fibers that meet the requirements of post-processing. It is mainly used for cutting artificial fibers such as aramid, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, and carbon fibers. The cutting length can be determined according to production requirements, with a length error of less than 0.2% and a cutting speed of 120 meters/minute. It does not produce fracture bonding, double length or ultra long fibers, and the total number of fibers cut can reach 1 million.

2、 Technical specifications and performance of ultra short fiber cutting machines and fiber cutting machines

Cutting speed 0-180 meters/minute

Cut off denier ≤ 1 million deniers

Production capacity ≥ 500 kg/hr

Cutting length 3-80 mm (replace different specifications of cutting discs according to the cutting length)

Knife disc specifications ф five hundred × 25 mm

Pressure roller specifications ф one hundred and eighty × 70 mm

Knife disc speed 75r. p.m

Roller pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa

Transmission ratio 1:20

Equipped with motor 380V 3KW 1500r. p.m

Knife disc weight 35 kg

Machine weight 600 kg

3、 Operation and precautions of fiber cutting machine and fiber cutting machine

1.During operation, ensure that the blades are arranged neatly, and the cutting machine can only be started when the input tow is fully tensioned.

2. The tow of the input cutterhead must be neat and free from knots, and it is required that the input tow has a single set tension. If the tension is too small, it will cause re cutting, excessive length or short fibers.

3. When using the cutting machine, the distance between the pressing wheel and the blade must be adjusted according to the total number of cut strands. The strands wrapped around the blade edge should be 1.5-2 turns and not cut off, but the adjustment bolt must be adjusted during parking.

4. During use, it is necessary to regularly check for detached fibers. If double length fibers are found, it is a phenomenon of knife breakage and must be stopped for inspection. If fiber cuts are found to be bonded, it is because the blade is not sharp and must be replaced. It must be noted that excessive wear on the blade can easily cause serious breakage.

4、 Technical safety instructions for fiber cutting machines and fiber cutting machines

The machinery and equipment must be well grounded.

When repairing the machine or replacing the cutter head, the power supply must be cut off first.

The cutterhead is equipped with blades, and it is not allowed to reach into it.

After adjusting the gap between the pressure roller and the upper and lower cutterheads, the nuts must be tightened and random adjustment is not allowed. If adjustment is necessary, it must be carried out according to the operating procedures.

The blades on the cutterhead must be kept sharp and replaced promptly after use. Protective gloves should be worn when replacing the blades.

If abnormal phenomena such as abnormal noises are found while driving, the vehicle should be stopped immediately for inspection.

Regular maintenance and upkeep are necessary.

5、 Features of this fiber cutting machine and fiber cutting machine:

  1. The cutting edges of the blades are parallel to each other, with no difference in cutting length and high cutting accuracy;

2. The blade has a larger working length and higher cutting capacity;

3. The cutterhead design is simple, easy to maintain, and can be suitable for various cutting requirements;

4. The number of blades required for the cutterhead at the same scale is relatively small.

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