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    Carbon fiber (carbon fiber, referred to as CF), a carbon content of 95% or more of the high strength, high modulus fiber materials of new fibers. It is made of organic fiber flake graphite crystallites along the fiber axis direction from a pile, microcrystalline graphite materials by carbonization and graphitization obtained. Carbon fiber "in a velvet glove", quality aluminum lighter than metal, but the strength is higher than steel, and corrosion resistant, high modulus characteristics, defense and military and civilian aspects are important materials. It not only has inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, both soft and workability of textile fibers, a new generation of reinforcing fibers.

    Carbon fiber has many excellent properties, axial strength and high modulus carbon fiber, low-density, high-performance ratio, no creep, under a non-oxidizing environment, ultra-high temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, electrical conductivity and specific heat between the non-metallic and between the metal, and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion anisotropy, good corrosion resistance, X-ray transmission is good. Good thermal conductivity properties, electromagnetic shielding and good.

    Carbon fiber compared to traditional glass fiber, its Young's modulus is more than three times; it is compared with Kevlar fiber, its Young's modulus is about 2 times, in an organic solvent, acid, alkali insoluble and swelling, outstanding corrosion resistance.

    Carbon fiber is an important strategic material development of the defense industry and national economy, the key material are technology-intensive, with the academic research from staple fiber to carbon filament carbon fiber, the use of carbon fiber heating material technologies and products are becoming more common. In today's world of rapid industrialization in the background, the use of carbon fiber tend to diversify positive. China has been using long-fiber as a high-performance fibers, requiring high temperature, high physical stability of the occasion, carbon fiber composite materials with specific strength irreplaceable advantages of higher material, the weight member is smaller, more specific modulus high, the greater the stiffness of the member, because of both the excellent performance of carbon fiber has a wide range of applications in the defense and civilian fields.

    Carbon fiber carbon material has been made widely used in various fields of military and civilian industries. From the aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronics, machinery, chemical, textile and other civilian industry to sports equipment and leisure goods. Carbon fiber reinforced composite materials can be used in industrial fields of aircraft manufacturing and other military areas, wind power blades and other electromagnetic shielding materials except electricity, artificial ligaments and other alternative materials and the body shell for the manufacture of rockets, motor boats, industrial robots, automotive leaf spring and the drive shaft and so on. Bats and other sports fields. Carbon fiber is a typical high-tech field of new industrial materials.

    Yancheng Cheung Shing Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing chopped carbon fiber is mainly used for: military use of chopped carbon fiber, used in construction chopped carbon fiber, electric short-cut carbon fiber, shielding material with chopped carbon fiber, insulation material chopped carbon fiber , sporting goods with chopped carbon fiber, with supplies chopped carbon fiber.

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