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  • 1, brake application, carbon fiber also because of its environmental and wear characteristics and applications in brakes, but the product contains carbon fiber composite materials have high prices, so that the brake pads are also mainly used in high-end cars. Carbon fiber brake discs are widely used on race cars, such as F1 racing. It can be within a distance of 50 m of the car's speed from 300 km / h down to 50 km / h, this time the brake disc temperature will rise to more than 900 ℃, the brake disc can absorb a lot of heat because becomes red. Carbon fiber brake discs can withstand the high temperature of 2 500 ℃, and has very good braking stability.

    2, automotive body and chassis applications, since the carbon fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites have sufficient strength and stiffness, is the manufacture of automotive body and chassis and other major structural components of the lightest materials. Expected application of carbon fiber composites can reduce the quality of automotive body and chassis 40% to 60%, equivalent to 1/3 - 1/6 of steel quality. Common car body, part of the body is adapted to this end, in addition to great visual effect is very cool.

    3, the hub of the application, the German wheel manufacturing experts launch hub series, take 2 design, the outer ring is a carbon fiber material to build the inner hub of lightweight alloy, with stainless steel screws, than the average in the same size wheels quality low around 40%. 20-inch wheels, for example, the hub of mass 6 kg, and the general hub weighs approximately 18 kg. British Kahm companies use CFRP prepared RX-X type special senior automotive wheels, quality is only 6 kg, high-speed driving, and to minimize the radial force of inertia of the wheel. Developed by the British DYMAG world's lightest carbon fiber / magnesium wheel brakes 2 is composed of carbon fiber wheel rim and magnesium, titanium and special hardware connected.

    4, the drive shaft applications, the forces of automotive transmission is more complex, in particular, under a lot of torque, fully taking into account the anisotropy of carbon fiber reinforced composites, high strength and relatively low ratio of specific modulus characteristics, in order to use carbon fiber reinforced composite materials can replace metal shaft products meet the requirements. Not only does it reduce the carbon fiber driveshaft 60% by weight, and better fatigue resistance and durability.

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