[The structure of the rotorcraft shell]
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Take you to understand the composition of the rotorcraft shell!

The frame body of the rotorcraft shell includes a first connecting layer, a second connecting layer and a support layer, and the landing gear used by the rotorcraft shell is made of carbon fiber composite material, and the whole is arranged in a sandwich structure.

The first connecting layer and the second connecting layer are layers of bidirectional carbon fiber cloth in all directions. The support layer sandwiches nearly hundreds of carbon fiber tows, which are used as the main bearing force when the frame falls, and ensure sufficient resilience and shock absorption. Effect.

The first connecting layer and the second connecting layer are arranged by a plurality of two-way carbon fiber cloths laid in the direction of 0 degrees to ensure that the frame body will not be twisted and deformed when bearing force, suitable for the use of 2-3 people rotorcraft, 1300 kg destructive Test, no fracture and deformation.

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