[Carbon fiber powder looks for Xiangsheng!]
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Purchase carbon fiber powder and look for Yancheng Xiangsheng!

carbon fiber powder, also known as milled carbon fiber, is a cylindrical particle of equal length obtained by surface treatment, grinding, microscopic screening, screening, and high temperature drying of high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber filaments through special techniques.

carbon fiber powder retains many excellent properties of carbon fiber, and is small in shape, pure in surface, large in specific surface area, easy to be wetted and evenly dispersed by resin, and is a composite filler with excellent performance.

Yancheng Xiangsheng Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to researching the functionality and design diversity of carbon fiber, aramid fiber and other special fiber composite materials, and has developed rotorcraft shells, landing gear, and aircraft plant protection sprays with independent intellectual property rights. Systems, seaplane pontoons, swamp boats, aerodynamic boats, aviation communication helmets, carbon fiber for plastic reinforcement, carbon fiber powder for friction materials, chopped carbon fiber for braking systems, and carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber filament special fiber cutting machine 16 series of products.

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