[Rising demand drives industry development!]
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Rising demand drives industry development!

In recent years, the demand for carbon fiber has maintained a steady upward trend, and enterprises and investment institutions are also optimistic about the development prospects of the carbon fiber industry. What's new. At the same time, the carbon fiber industry has a wide range of applications, and its M&A demand and activity are also very obvious.

At present, the carbon fiber industry is in a period of explosive growth, and the growth rate of the carbon fiber demand market will remain at around 17% in the future.

The registered trademark of Yancheng Xiangsheng Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is "Xiangli", which integrates scientific research, development, production and sales. Developed rotorcraft shell, landing gear, aircraft plant protection spraying system, seaplane pontoon, swamp boat, aerodynamic boat, aviation communication helmet, carbon fiber for plastic reinforcement, carbon fiber powder for friction material, braking system with independent intellectual property rights There are 16 series of products including chopped carbon fiber, carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber filament special fiber cutting machine, etc.

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