[Choose Xiangsheng for carbon fiber rope!]
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Choose professional Xiangsheng carbon fiber for carbon fiber rope!

Carbon fiber rope has been widely used in various types of negative ion conductive electrodes, vacuum furnace insulation layer carbon felt bundling, sewing, chemical industry, petroleum, food machinery, medical machinery and medical equipment, civil engineering, electronic equipment and other fields.

When the temperature exceeds 400 °C, the carbon fiber rope must be used in a protective atmosphere or inert gas; during transportation and storage, it should not be under heavy pressure; it needs to be moisture-proof; the length of use should be intercepted as needed.

The registered trademark of Yancheng Xiangsheng Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is "Xiangli". It is committed to researching the functionality and design diversity of carbon fiber, aramid fiber and other special fiber composite materials, and has developed a rotorcraft shell with independent intellectual property rights. , landing gear, aircraft plant protection spraying system, seaplane pontoon, swamp boat, aerodynamic boat, aviation communication helmet, carbon fiber for plastic reinforcement, carbon fiber powder for friction material, chopped carbon fiber for braking system, and carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber cloth , carbon fiber filament special fiber cutting machine and other 16 series products.

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