[Carbon fiber industry healthy development!]
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Carbon fiber industry toward a healthy development road!

Today, the overall technology of carbon fiber industry is not mature and stable, and the product quality and cost performance are relatively low. However, with the continuous breakthrough of our high-end carbon fiber technology and the development of large-scale and stable production, the enterprise layout gradually extends to the high value-added downstream application field, the carbon fiber industry will gradually realize import substitution, the enterprise profitability is expected to gradually recover, and the market will move to a healthy development road.

Yancheng Xiangsheng Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. registered trademark "Xiangli", is committed to the research of carbon fiber, aramid fiber and other special fiber composite materials of functional and design diversity, Now we have developed 16 series products with independent intellectual property rights, such as rotorcraft shell, landing gear, aircraft plant protection spraying system, floatplane buoy, swamp boat, aerodynamic boat, aviation communication helmet, carbon fiber for plastic reinforcement, carbon fiber powder for friction materials, cut carbon fiber for braking system, and carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber filament special fiber cutting machine .

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