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Carbon fiber is a conductive material
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Carbon fiber material

Carbon fiber is the main component of carbon, the content of up to 95%, similar to the molecular structure and graphite, hexahedral structural units, both sides have similar metal electron gas exists. With such a large number of carriers, naturally conductive, so carbon fiber is not insulating material, but the same metal and conductive material. Its conductivity is very strong, only weaker than metal. As the carbon fiber is generally not alone, but with epoxy resin, metal, ceramics, cement and other composite used as reinforcement, and epoxy resin-based carbon fiber composite material is currently the world's most widely used, so the vast majority of life Of carbon fiber products also have conductive properties, such as carbon fiber mechanical parts, carbon fiber auto parts, 3C shell, medical equipment, bicycles, sports products and so on.

Fiber material is very popular in the market today, it is composed of filaments, many types, including natural fibers, fabric fibers, animal fibers, chemical fibers. Carbon fiber is in thousands of degrees Celsius in high temperature oxidation, carbonation, high temperature, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high strength advantages, compared to glass fiber, basalt fiber, more performance, a wide range of uses. Some people do not know carbon fiber is conductive material or insulating material.