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Carbon fiber reinforced plastics
Release date: [2016/7/28] Read total of [818] times
Germany's Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) today announced that its researchers have invented a new carbon fiber reinforced plastics processing methods.
    This approach uses carbon fiber microwave processing technology, the future is expected to be widely used in ship construction such material. In the traditional processing methods, to heat things such as parts of larger ships hull is a very difficult, as no single method can rapidly and uniformly to the inside of the heat transfer material. This microwave processing method utilizing the microwave absorption mechanism of resin, which can solve these problems.
    The method of using a polymer resin mixture heated low viscosity, so it hardens at room temperature, the relatively slow speed. This allows the fibers to better integrate into the resin, but also leave enough time to revise. However, this method to position the parts placed more stringent requirements.
    This new approach as well as its environmental aspect: it can minimize the generation of waste and other pollutants. At present, this method has begun processing applications in the industry, to good effect.