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Carbon fiber localization how long the road?
Release date: [2016/7/21] Read total of [741] times
Our fully initiated and implemented last year's large aircraft major projects supporting the overall project, including carbon fiber, including many new chemical materials projects, as demand in the special as the representative of the country in the areas of carbon fiber products to increase, many carbon fiber research projects or kiloton industrialization projects have started. However, due to China's carbon fiber industry, lack of core industrialization technology with independent intellectual property rights, industrial development will not happen overnight.
    Lack of core technology of carbon fiber
    Because carbon fiber veil of mystery has not yet opened, people still can not directly use carbon or graphite to make, but to use some of the carbon-containing organic fibers (such as nylon yarn, acrylic yarn, rayon, etc.) as raw material, organic fibers with plastic resin combined with carbon fibers obtained by carbonization. Depending on the raw materials and production methods, the carbon fiber is divided into polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based carbon fiber, pitch-based carbon fiber, viscose based carbon fiber.
    It is understood that the world's carbon fiber production capacity of about 35,000 tons, the annual demand of the market around 6500 tons, belongs to the carbon fiber consumer. But around 2007 China's carbon fiber production capacity is only 200 tons, but mainly low performance of the product, there is no large-scale industry, the vast majority rely on imports, the price is very expensive, such as the standard T300 market price was as high as 4,000 yuan / kg to 5,000 yuan / kilogram. Due to the lack of technical support have independent intellectual property rights, domestic enterprises has yet to grasp the full carbon fiber core and key technologies. Quality of carbon fiber technology and production scale big gap with foreign countries, including high-performance carbon fiber technology is monopolized and blocked Western countries.
    According to insiders, the more difficult from the industrial technology research and development, and therefore the carbon fiber to realize localization requires a long process. As the market shortage in recent years, the domestic emergence of the "Carbon fiber heat", many research institutes and enterprises have started the study of carbon fiber or kiloton industrialization projects. But experts pointed out that although the current domestic market for carbon fiber products in greater demand, but there is a big risk of blind development, the implementation of the project a few years later kiloton market surplus will become inevitable.
    Carbon fiber is the key localization
    National Development and Reform Commission organized the implementation of high-performance fiber composite materials high-tech industrialization projects in 2008 and 2009, focusing on industrialization demonstration carbon fiber, aramid fiber, high strength and high performance polyethylene fiber composite materials production technology and key equipment to meet the needs of the national economy as well as aerospace and other high-tech industry development, foster a number of internationally competitive enterprises.
    In high-performance carbon fiber composite material project, the state will focus on supporting high-performance carbon fiber and kiloton PAN precursor production technology, pre-oxidation furnace, carbonization furnace and other large key equipment manufacturing, spinning oil, carbon fiber sizing agent, prepreg and other important auxiliary materials development, and high-performance resin matrix material development, high-performance carbon fiber composite materials technology industrialization, etc; development and improvement of high-performance carbon fiber production, product and application standards.
    To realize this goal, industry experts suggested that China should strengthen planning guidance, integration, and actively carry out interdisciplinary research, joint research of carbon fiber technology, the PAN precursor development first, adhere to the industrialization of research and development on two fronts layout, a breakthrough in the domestic carbon fiber's core and key technologies and equipment. Art materials, chemicals, equipment, etc. should seize the opportunity to build large aircraft, and establishing international norms and standards of Chinese carbon fiber technology system, to prepare for the future China-made large aircraft applications.