[Carbon fiber production capacity has been expanded]
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Carbon fiber capacity scale expansion, product localization process speed up!

Since the state listed carbon fiber and its composite materials into the science and Technology Innovation 2030 major project, the state and enterprises continue to increase their key technology research and development, industry related processes, technologies, equipment has also made a number of breakthroughs, the domestic output of carbon fiber and its composite materials continues to grow, the process of product localization is accelerated.

In recent years, with the efforts of the policy and enterprises, China has made continuous progress in the production and preparation of carbon fiber and its composite materials and tackled key technologies. The production capacity has been continuously expanded, and the process of carbon fiber localization has been accelerated.

Yancheng Xiangsheng Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.registered trademark "Xiangli", is committed to the research of carbon fiber, aramid fiber and other special fiber composite materials of functional and design diversity, Now we have developed 16 series products with independent intellectual property rights, such as rotorcraft shell, landing gear, aircraft plant protection spray system, float aircraft buoy, bog boat, aerodynamic boat, aviation communication helmet, carbon fiber for plastic reinforcement, carbon fiber powder for friction materials, cut carbon fiber for braking system, and carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber filament special fiber cutting machine .

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