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The benefits of carbon fiber on the human body
Release date: [2016/6/30] Read total of [815] times

Carbon fiber and has its major health and human relations, today Xiaobian take you to find:

Carbon fiber heating cables made of carbon fiber, the radiation 8um-15um far infrared wavelength of more than 80% overall. As we all know, when the two wavelength equal interaction will produce a resonance phenomenon. The human body is an organism, 70% -80% more than the human body is composed of water molecules in the resonance effect, first activate the vibration of water molecules, and produce a series of physiological reactions, can promote skin and subcutaneous tissue cell temperature rises, so that the body from the inside to the outside to produce heat transfer, promote and improve the body's blood circulation; help eliminate human fatigue and body functional recovery; enhance metabolism; improve immune function.
Through scientific testing, far infrared thermal efficiency and the body resonance absorption can produce the following functions:
1, activation of the activity of biological macromolecules molecule organism can be excited in a higher vibrational state. Thus activating nucleic acid activity of biological macromolecules such as proteins, which play a biological macromolecules regulate the body's metabolism, immune function and other activities, and help restore the balance of body function, to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.
2, to promote and improve blood circulation. Far infrared role in the skin, most of the energy is absorbed by the skin, absorbed energy into heat, causing skin temperature heat stimulation of skin receptors, the brain by timely vascular smooth muscle relaxation, blood vessels expand, blood circulation. On the other hand, due to thermal effects, cause the release of vasoactive substances, reduced vascular tone, light small arteries, capillaries and superficial vein dilation, blood circulation and improve.
3, increase metabolism. If the body's metabolism disorder caused by abnormal exchange vivo substance, then, a variety of diseases will not about to, such as water and electrolyte metabolism disorder, and will bring life-threatening; glucose metabolism disorder caused by diabetes; hyperlipidemia, obesity, lipid metabolism disorder caused; protein metabolism disorder caused by gout, and so on. By far-infrared thermal effects, can increase the vitality of cells, adjust nerve fluid body, strengthen metabolism, so that the exchange of material outside the body in a stable state.
4, improve immune function. Immunization is a physiological protective reaction of the body, which includes both cell-mediated and humoral immunity, the body defenses and anti-inflammatory effects of the extremely important role.

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