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Energy saving carbon fiber warm
Release date: [2016/2/18] Read total of [979] times

Since the autumn, residents of the north and south regions began to ride "Warm Winter" and will be put on the agenda winter heating. It is noteworthy that, under the impetus of the government's energy saving policies, will accelerate the elimination of high energy consumption, high pollution of small coal-fired boilers. As the northern region's main heating equipment, small coal-fired boilers banned or modified to northern residents heating enormous distress. However, a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection, clean energy alternative to coal-fired small boilers heating methods has become a trend.

In recent years, most of the fog and haze-prone areas, to people's normal life, health caused great impact. Haze rule promoted two proposals, awareness of low carbon environmental improvement, and gradually becomes active behavior. Therefore, the choice of energy saving device as a heating method, has become an issue of most concern residents of the north and south.

Carbon fiber floor heating to the entire ground as radiators, radiant floor layer by HTM, uniform heating throughout the ground, using ground heat storage and heat up their own law of radiation were conducted from the bottom, to achieve the purpose of heating. Feet warm and head cool, the temperature distribution in line with human physiological needs, but also in line with Chinese medicine, "people warm to warm the legs" of the concept of health.

From the development trend, the carbon fiber to warm not only energy efficient, low carbon and environmental protection, can meet the national sustainable development and environmental protection are two heating needs, consistent with the development of the cause of energy saving ideas, will become China's north and south in winter heating mainstream products.

In China's urbanization, industrialization dramatic development today, environmental concern, the best choice for electric heating, carbon fiber electric heating can flourish. Overall, carbon fiber electric heating has the following ten characteristics:

1, low carbon and environmental protection.
At present, China's environmental worrying. Beijing, Tianjin and regional haze growing and expanding to the northeast, Jiangsu and Zhejiang as well as many parts of the South, has attracted people's attention. Electricity is clean energy, can greatly improve air quality and protect the environment.
2, the rapid development of electricity.
3, the equilibrium in favor of the grid. Winter heating can alleviate peak summer air-conditioning, heating at night can ease the north peak of production.
4, China is now the world's second largest electricity country, the installed capacity in the world, hydropower, wind power in the world, in the construction of nuclear power in the world, the world's first ultra-high pressure long-distance transmission. In addition to thermal power, wind power, hydropower, has also developed a solar photovoltaic electricity, bio-electrical system, renewable energy is increasing.
5, the technology is mature. Raytheon carbon fiber electric heating system is composed of many years of practice, gave birth to summarize, research and production made ​​in full compliance with current and future trends of electric heating and residents to use our habits.
6, very little investment, no boiler and pipe network system, do not take the land.
7, low running costs, saving users significant 30% to 50% energy costs Province.
8, easy to use, full of humanity.
9, using a wide range of North and South can be easy to use, easy to meet the majority of residents to improve indoor environmental quality.
10, to adapt to social development. Some people think of high-quality energy for heating worth, including many experts and professors have questioned the worth of electricity to warm that overkill. In fact, energy is a manifestation of social progress, to improve the quality of people's lives. Developed electric heating United States, Japan and Europe, has been in the mainstream, our country has been moving to developed countries, trains, automobiles have developed technology to the tram, so electric heating is the development trend.

In summary, Cheung Shing heating carbon fiber heating system in the South is much to offer in favor of its application. Many places also solved the food and clothing problem of the South, I hope we work together to promote the benefits the country's good, so that all the people ran together the warmth of a well-off, a total round Chinese dream.

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