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CFRP classification, ultra-wide classification!
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CFRP classification, ultra-wide classification, for your summary!

CFRP also known as carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, woven carbon fiber, carbon fiber prepreg, carbon fiber reinforced cloth, carbon cloth, carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber tape, carbon fiber sheet (prepreg) and the like.

Carbon fiber reinforced fabric is a unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced product, usually 12K carbon fiber thread weaving. Available in two thicknesses: 0.111mm (200g) and 0.167mm (300g). With the continuous development of CFRP industry, more and more industries and businesses to use carbon fiber, as well as some companies entered into the CFRP industry and the development of a variety of widths.

CFRP main categories:

First, according to the carbon fiber precursor
1.PAN base CFRP (more than 90% on the market for the kinds of CFRP);
2. viscose base CFRP;
3. asphalt base CFRP.

Second, according to specification carbon fiber
1.1K CFRP;
2.3K CFRP;
3.6K CFRP;
4.12K CFRP;
5.24K and above large tow CFRP.

Third, according to the carbon fiber carbonization points
1. graphitized carbon fiber, can withstand 2000--3000 degree heat;
2. CFRP, can be resistant to high temperature of about 1,000 degrees;
3. Pre-fiber cloth carbon dioxide, can be resistant to 200 - 300 degree heat.

Fourth, by way of sub weaving
1. woven CFRP, are: plain weave fabric, twill, satin fabric, unidirectional fabric, etc;
2. knitting CFRP, are: warp cloth, knitted fabrics, circular machine cloth (casing), knitting machine cloth (rib cloth) and so on;
3. woven CFRP, are: casing, packing, braided belt, the second sheet, tube, three-dimensional woven fabric and the like;
The carbon fiber prepreg, are: dry prepreg, wet prepreg, unidirectional prepreg, prepreg tape, no Taub, have Taub, etc;
5. The non-woven carbon fiber, nonwovens, namely carbon fiber felt, carbon felt, including chopped strand mat, continuous mat, surface felt, needle felt, stitching felt.

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