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CFRP construction How to play the greatest role
Release date: [2016/1/21] Read total of [732] times

CFRP reinforced concrete structure supporting technology is the use of CFRP adhesive will stick to the concrete surface, play a structural reinforcement and seismic strengthening effect. Widely used in building beams, plates, columns, walls of reinforcement, and can be used bridges, tunnels and other civil engineering reinforcement.

In strict accordance with the following steps CFRP reinforcement, CFRP role is to maximize!

(1) preparation;
(2) concrete surface treatment;
(3) preparation and primer or resin;
(4) Preparation of leveling material at the repair place and irregularities;
(5) the preparation and brushing impregnating resins or paste resins;
(6) carbon with carbon fiber sheet;
(7) surface protection.

Among them, the specific method of bonding carbon fiber sheet as follows:

① carbon fiber cut to size according to the design requirements, the process prescribed by product suppliers formulated binder resin;
② Wipe the surface of the carbon fiber to dust. For when pasting two layers of carbon fiber bottom sides should be wiped clean;
③ wipe clean the carbon fiber should immediately brushing adhesive resin layer should form protrusions having an average thickness of not less than 2mm;
④ coated with adhesive resin carbon fiber stick hand soft reduction need to paste the location in. Along with a rubber roller compacted fibers are uniformly smooth direction, the resin overflow from both sides to ensure the dense void-free. When pasting multiple parallel carbon fiber, the gap between the two plates shall not be less than 5mm;
⑤ required when two carbon fiber paste, paste should be continuous. If you can not immediately paste, then paste it before beginning to deal with the underlying carbon fiber re-do the cleaning work.

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