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CFRP Reinforcement Construction Notes
Release date: [2015/12/17] Read total of [823] times

Research, development, production and sales in one, dedicated to the research of carbon fiber, aramid fiber, basalt fiber, high modulus PE fiber products and functional diversity, has now developed a plastic reinforced with carbon fiber, carbon fiber friction material pink, braking systems chopped carbon fibers, chopped acrylic fibers, aramid pulp, as well as carbon fiber Weisheng, carbon fiber, carbon fiber on the hotline, carbon fiber physiotherapy cushion, carbon fiber air purifiers, carbon fiber staple fiber, carbon fiber filament specialty fiber cutting and other 15 series products.

Today mainly to introduce the use of CFRP related matters!

Strengthened by CFRP construction Note: CFRP conductive material, should stay away from electrical equipment and reliable power supply and take precautions when placing and construction. Storage, transportation, construction process should avoid bending carbon cloth. CFRP supporting resin should be stored away from ignition sources, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature sources place. Resin formulation and use of premises, should maintain good ventilation. Staff at the construction site should take appropriate and effective protection measures.

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