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Weaving several ways CFRP introduction?
Release date: [2015/12/11] Read total of [904] times

According to its woven CFRP in different ways, it can be divided into different types of carbon fiber, and the corresponding use is not the same, here to tell you about!

1. woven CFRP, are: plain weave fabric, twill, satin fabric, unidirectional fabric, etc;
2. knitting CFRP, are: warp cloth, knitted fabrics, circular machine cloth (casing), knitting machine cloth (rib cloth) and so on;
3. woven CFRP, are: casing, packing, braided belt, the second sheet, tube, three-dimensional woven fabric and the like;
The carbon fiber prepreg, are: dry prepreg, wet prepreg, unidirectional prepreg, prepreg tape, no Taub, have Taub, etc;
5. The non-woven carbon fiber, nonwovens, namely carbon fiber felt, carbon felt, including chopped strand mat, continuous mat, surface felt, needle felt, stitching felt.

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