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CFRP used in the car
Release date: [2015/12/3] Read total of [894] times

Decades ago, some experts have predicted that carbon fiber will replace the metal used to make automotive structural parts. This prediction has become a reality now. CFRP composite materials, by virtue of their small mass, high strength, high rigidity, excellent corrosion resistance characteristics have attracted a lot of attention of luxury car manufacturers, carbon fiber composite materials manufacturers simply become unexpected magic.

  Because carbon fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite materials have sufficient strength and rigidity, its lightest materials suitable for making car body, chassis and other parts of the primary structure. Estimated using carbon fiber composite materials make car body, chassis components to reduce the 40% to 60%, equivalent to steel construction components 1/3 ~ 1/6.

  UK Information System implementation room had a carbon fiber composite materials to discuss weight loss results, the consequences of carbon fiber reinforced polymer materials marked body weight 172kg, while steel body components for the 368kg, weight loss of about 50%. But because of the excessive formation of carbon fibers, carbon fiber reinforced composite materials for limited use in the car, it has been used only on a number of F1 racing, super sports car, small quantities of models, such as Koenigsegg, Lexus LFA, Japan modification plant, currently the standard carbon fiber roof of the BMW M3 was officially released in China, with the release of carbon fiber limited edition M3 is the foundation to the roof, the installation of a carbon fiber material front spoiler, rear wing, interior details, etc. part.

  Carbon fiber also because of its environmental protection, wear characteristics and use on the brakes, but the product contains carbon fiber composite materials exceptionally expensive, so currently this is also the primary brakes used on high-end cars.

  Carbon fiber brake discs are widely used by the car, such as F1 racing on the race. It may be in the interval of 50m from the vehicle speed 300km / h down to 50km / h, the brake disc when the temperature will rise to over 900 ℃, brake disc received a lot of heat due to red. Carbon fiber brake disc temperature 2500 ℃ acceptable, and has very excellent braking invariance.

   Although the carbon fiber brake discs have features outstanding deceleration function, What, current use of carbon fiber brake disks on the production of cars, but not practice.

  Because carbon fiber brake discs feature more than 800 ℃ temperature reaches enough to reach the best talent. In other words, it is necessary, after traveling a few kilometers, the car's brake mounting talent into the best working condition, which are just about big vehicles are not close combination. In addition, carbon fiber brake disc wear quickly, the formation of this system is also very high.

  Carbon fiber car seat heating pad carbon fiber used in the automotive industry to participate in a break, carbon fiber heating element in a car matching skills often become more and more welcome, it will completely replace the traditional seat systems to participate. Currently almost all automobile manufacturers upscale, luxury cars worldwide are equipped with this seat heating installation, such as running, BMW, Audi, masses, Honda, Nissan and so on.

  Carbon fiber thermal loading of carbon fiber is a match the thermal data of high-performance, thermal efficiency up to 96%, and in the heating pad on average clouds, guarantee average heat release in the seat heating zone, carbon fiber lines and temperature spread average, but also to ensure the heating pad length insist on the use of seat time flat leather look intact. Traces lines does not occur, some discoloration does not occur. Temperature outside the set range of the active power, active power-conditioning can not meet the temperature requirements of the temperature.