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Future carbon fiber industry supply and demand analysis!
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Future carbon fiber industry supply and demand analysis!

Carbon fiber refers to high-strength and high-modulus fibers with carbon content of more than 90%, which can be carbonized at high temperature with organic fibers such as viscose, polyacrylonitrile and asphalt. With acrylic and viscose fiber as raw materials, through high temperature oxidation carbonization, high temperature resistance ranks first in all chemical fibers, is an excellent material for manufacturing aerospace and other high-tech equipment.

In terms of output, China's carbon fiber production in 2023 continues to grow, but the growth rate has slowed down. Domestic carbon fiber production in 2023 is about 54,600 tons, an increase of 14.81%.

Yancheng Xiangsheng Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. Registered trademark "Xiangli", is committed to the research of carbon fiber, aramid fiber and other special fiber composite materials functionality and design diversity, It has developed 16 series products with independent intellectual property rights, such as rotorcraft shell, landing gear, aircraft plant protection spray system, seaplane float, swamp boat, aerodynamic boat, aviation communication helmet, carbon fiber for plastic reinforcement, carbon fiber powder for friction materials, short carbon fiber for braking system, as well as carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber filament special fiber cutting machine.