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The future application field of carbon fiber industry will continue to expand!
Release date: [2024/5/24] Read total of [34] times

The future application field of carbon fiber industry will continue to expand!

From the perspective of China's carbon fiber industry demand in recent years, the proportion of carbon fiber demand has remained at about 3%, and the overall growth trend has been fluctuating.

Due to its excellent performance, carbon fiber was initially used in high-end fields such as aerospace and has become one of the key materials for the development of the defense industry. Subsequently, benefiting from technological progress and cost reduction, carbon fiber began to be gradually used in the civil field, and the proportion of application continues to expand, and it is widely used in aerospace, wind power generation, hydrogen photovoltaic, construction engineering, rail transit, sports and leisure.

In the future, with the innovation of preparation technology and the improvement of performance, the application field of carbon fiber will be more extensive, and it is expected to become an important material in more fields. For example, in the medical field, carbon fiber can be used to manufacture imaging devices, surgical instruments, prosthetics, wheelchairs, medical implants, cell regeneration substrates, etc. In addition, carbon fiber can be applied to emerging fields such as 3D printing, using carbon fiber materials to compound with other materials to improve material performance, so as to further break through the material limitations of 3D printing.

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