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Xiangsheng Cut carbon fiber starter guide!
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Xiangsheng Cut carbon fiber starter guide!

Short-cut carbon fiber is a product made of carbon fiber filament cut by fiber cutting machine. It has the advantages of uniform dispersion, diverse feeding methods, simple process, etc., and is widely used in aircraft structural materials, body substitute materials, and for manufacturing rocket shells and other fields to improve product tensile strength and enhance product thermal insulation.

Cut carbon fiber mainly polyacrylonitrile fiber, asphalt fiber, viscose silk or phenolic fiber by carbonization, carbon fiber has the softness of ordinary textiles, can be processed into fabric, felt, mat, tape, paper and other materials. In addition to being used as thermal insulation materials, carbon fiber in traditional use is generally not used alone, and is mostly added to resins, metals, ceramics, concrete and other materials as reinforcement materials to form composite materials. Carbon fiber reinforced composite materials can be used as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding deelectrics, artificial ligaments and other body substitute materials, as well as for the manufacture of rocket shells, motor boats, industrial robots, automotive plate springs and drive shafts.

Short carbon fiber dispersion tips:

1. Ultrasonic dispersion method

The mechanical vibration of high frequency ultrasonic wave can make the short carbon fiber in the dispersion system shake and disperse evenly. Ultrasonic dispersion method is a fast and efficient dispersion method without thermal damage to the material.

2. Heat dispersion method

The short-cut carbon fiber is added to the high-temperature solvent and cooled quickly after heating. In the process of rapid cooling, the short-cut carbon fiber can be fully dispersed in the solvent, and the dispersion effect is relatively good.

3. Magnetic dispersion method

Magnetic particles are added to the dispersion solvent, and the short-cut carbon fiber is dispersed in the liquid through the action of external magnetic field. This method has a good dispersion effect and can be continuously produced.

The choice of short carbon fiber dispersion technique should be judged according to the actual situation and product characteristics. The three methods introduced in this paper can effectively solve the problem of dispersion of short-cut carbon fiber. For different users, magnetic dispersion method, ultrasonic dispersion method and heating dispersion method three methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Different dispersion methods should be selected according to the actual situation.

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