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Carbon fiber industry development status!
Release date: [2024/6/7] Read total of [47] times

Carbon fiber industry development status!

Recently, the carbon fiber industry has made significant progress in localization, especially in the field of high-performance carbon fibers. With domestic technological breakthroughs and capacity expansion, domestic carbon fiber will gradually replace imported products, and market recognition will be further improved.

In 2021, China's land area surpassed the United States for the first time and became the world's largest production capacity country, with a production capacity of 63,400 tons, accounting for more than 30% of the global total production capacity. In 2023, the domestic carbon fiber industry will continue to expand at a high speed, and the total production capacity of the industry will reach 120,200 tons.

In recent years, due to domestic technological breakthroughs, to stimulate the use of carbon fiber demand, China's carbon fiber demand is growing trend, in 2023, China's carbon fiber apparent consumption reached 63,800 tons, an increase of 13.55%.

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