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Classification of cut carbon fiber!
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Classification of cut carbon fiber!

In today's new era of rapid development, technology has penetrated into every aspect of our lives. The emergence of some new materials not only allows us to enjoy a better quality of life, but also brings a lot of new possibilities and development space for industry, energy and other fields.

Among them, cut carbon fiber is a widely used new material. As a new material with high strength, high stiffness and low density, cut carbon fiber is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive and other fields. But there is another noteworthy feature of short carbon fiber, that is, it can be classified according to different preparation methods and production processes.

First, according to the length of carbon fiber classification

According to the length of carbon fiber classification, cut carbon fiber can be divided into short fiber and long fiber. Short fiber refers to carbon fiber with a length between 1mm-100mm, and long fiber refers to carbon fiber with a length of more than 1mm. The difference between short fiber and long fiber is that the strength and stiffness of short fiber are relatively low, but it has better service performance and molding performance.

Second, according to the diameter of carbon fiber classification

The diameter of the carbon fiber also affects the classification of the cut carbon fiber. It can be divided into regular carbon fiber and ultra-fine carbon fiber. The diameter of conventional carbon fibers is between 5-10μm, while the diameter of ultra-fine carbon fibers is between 1-3μm. Ultrafine carbon fiber has higher surface area and specific surface area, has better chemical reactivity and strengthening effect, and is widely used in artificial blood vessels, fuel cells, electric separation membranes and other fields.

Third, according to the orientation of carbon fiber classification

The orientation of carbon fiber refers to the orientation of carbon fiber in the composite material. It can be generally divided into two categories, that is, one-way cut carbon fiber and multi-cut carbon fiber. The unidirectional short-cut carbon fiber is arranged in a specific direction in the composite material, and the strength and stiffness are high. The multi-directional short-cut carbon fiber arrangement has a variety of ways, which is more suitable for the application of flexible bending parts.

In summary, the classification of short-cut carbon fiber mainly includes three aspects: carbon fiber length, diameter and orientation. For consumers, we can choose the right cut carbon fiber according to the actual needs to meet the different needs of use.

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