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Promote the carbon fiber industry to flourish!
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Promote the carbon fiber industry to flourish!

From the perspective of the global application of carbon fiber, more than half of the total amount of carbon fiber materials is used in the industrial field, the application of wind power blade field accounts for 28.6%, the application of aerospace field accounts for 15.4%, the sports and leisure field accounts for 14.4%, the automotive industry accounts for 11.7%, and the four fields account for 70.1%.

In recent years, the state has issued a series of industrial support policies on carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite materials, which continue to guide the upgrading of key production technologies of carbon fiber materials, the landing of industrialization projects and the expansion of application fields, and promote the vigorous development of the carbon fiber industry.

In 2022, the domestic carbon fiber demand accounts for about 55.1% of the world's total, and China has become a major global carbon fiber consumer market. The rapid growth of market demand has promoted the carbon fiber industry to enter a stage of rapid development. Industry competition has further intensified, which has led to the upgrading speed of the intelligent transformation of enterprises in the industry. In China, the demand for carbon fiber for sports equipment in 2022 accounts for about 30.9%, significantly higher than the global 17.8%, which is the ballast for China's carbon fiber demand.

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